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Back from my hiatus from blogging… Thoughts over Lunch on a Monday

Hi everyone,

It had been a while since I’ve written… I’ve broken my promise to myself once again to write regularly. However, every day is an opportunity to start things over again.

Before I get into talking about what has been going on with my life in the last couple of months, I want to express my thoughts about the recent tragedy in Orlando.  I have never been an advocate of gun ownership.  In my opinion, the only reason why any civilian should own a gun is if you live somewhere where you can potentially be attacked by wild animals and help is not immediately available (i.e. if you live in the mountains/country side and there are wild animals roaming around).  I applaud President Obama for his recent executive order on gun control. 

Aside from cops, no one should have a need for guns to begin with!  I cannot understand why there has to be so much “HATING”!  Sexuality is a personal choice.  It is no different from choosing coffee over tea or visa versa.  Even if someone can’t relate to a person’s choice of sexuality, it is never a reason for hating and killing.  Each and everyone of the murder victims had people who loved them, family and friends and jobs and hobbies and passions like everyone else!  It is heart breaking…   People should stop all the hating and learn how to love.  

When you choose love over hate, faith over despair and acceptance over intolerance, you are doing your part to change the world.

So how to deal with it all?  It actually circled back to some lingering thoughts that’s been occupying my mind since the last time I’ve blogged.  It’s never easy dealing with the passing of someone in one’s life.  Yet, it is all a part of the endless circle of life.  Time waits for no one.  It moves forward.  One of the lessons that is reinforced to me every time I hear of someones’ passing/someone in my life is gone, and every time I’ve experienced a near-death experience is that life is very short.   We are all here on borrowed time. What we choose to do and how we chose to spend our time is very important.   Each and every moment , we have the ability to make a choice.   At this moment I can choose to wallow in sorrow, self pity and misery or I can choose love and to do whatever it takes to live my life without regrets.  I CHOOSE THE LATTER.  

For a lot of people, that choice may not come naturally but believe it or not, our mind is a VERY POWER MACHINE!   I firmly believe that all you need to do is to DECIDE.  Once you made the decision, the actions will follow in its own timing.    You can start by saying it to yourself like a mantra!  I do that all the time.  I tell myself every morning when I wake up… “I am choosing to be happy today!”   Regardless of what happens during the day, having that thought makes me able to get through whatever obstacles that come my way.  Give it a try!   If you have any other ideas, I would love to hear about them!

Until next time, I wish you have the kind of day you choose!   

Sending love and light to everyone!



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