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First and foremost, as a performer, I understand the importance and significance of capturing special moments in a performance.  It is why I explored the art of videography.  I started learning about videography with the intention of editing my own work to save a few bucks and get things the way “I” want it to be but then it evolved into something more because I love live music.  For every song, there is always a story and I love exploring that in a performer and documenting it.   I like to take the time to speak to an individual before a show to get a sense of who they are and what they are trying to achieve.  For each show, I put in that personal touch to come up with the best product at a budget for the artist.  I have been fortunate in more ways than one and I want to help others!  

For my day job, I am a professional project manager/programmer so I am not shy around computers.   I work with both PCs as well as MAC and I am proficient in multiple editing software (I choose the software based on what I am looking to achieve).   I provide great flexibility in terms of formatting of the video file.   (i.e.  DVDs , internet ready videos ).

You will find my pricing to be more than reasonable. 

Call (516) 387-4463 or email me at natasha@natashacastillo.com for your free quote.

Check out some of my work below! 




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