[10:45:18 PM] Natasha:

To one of my dearest friend, John Koprowski… You are the Spotlight in Heaven

I  met John in 2010 at the Singers Forum when I was desperately searching for a reconnection to music after years of hiatus from music.  We met at the Singers Forum Open mic hosted by John (later by the two of us) .  I was at a low point, fighting cancer and fighting to survive one of the worst times of my life.   John was kind to me from the start became of one of my few confidantes.  He became an extension of my family, like a brother. Through the years, we spoke almost daily, sharing our joys and sorrows.   I always looked forward to the daily phonecall and texts from John to check in on me and our dinners together.  John hates vegetables but he enjoyed my home cooking so he will eat it.  We always joked when he came over to dinner that I am his veggy fix until his next visit.  We have quite a few things in common, which made it easy for us to talk. For starters, we both have a day job related to finance.  John has a wealth of knowledge and life experiences that he loved sharing.  I loved listening to his stories of when he was young, how he ended up fighting in the Vietnam war and so much more…  One of the things we both loved and shared was our passion for music and our love to help and support other singers.  John, himself, was one of the most supportive friends I‘ve had.  He came to every one of my every show, always giving props, sound advice, and support when needed.  We took all the same arrangement classes and he always insisted on driving me home after class where we would have our additional catch ups.   After the dissolution of Singers Forum, John had wanted to bring back our open mic, in a different form.   It got laid on the backburner for a while because kickstarting a new endeavor like this is never easy.  This year, we finally decided to go ahead and DO IT! So bye-bye to Singers Forum Open Mic and enter Spotlight On You Open Mic, after numerous hours of grilling and brainstorming. We were serious, excited and ready to roll!  We got ourselves a customized logo and booked our features! 

Then, a week before opening night, I got a call from John from the hospital, telling me that he needed to have an open chest surgery…

John was a fighter, he told me many times that he wants to live for a long time and jokes that maybe one of these days he might live long enough to get one of those Hanson MAC awards.  

He survived the worst part (the open chest surgery) and I was hopeful that he would be back singing, if anything, in the new year.  I never anticipated seeing his steady decline from secondary infections.  Every time I saw him, he got weaker.  The last I’d spoken to him was a week ago over the phone, I was in the midst of packing up for my move and telling him about my new place and telling him that I am waiting for him to come back and help at our open mic.  His response was barely audible but I concluded the conversation telling him, “I love you John! Feel better quickly!”  Never had I imagined that it would be our last conversation! I found out about John’s passing last night right before hosting our monthly Spotlight On You Open Mic…  I went through the evening like a zombie on autopilot.  Thank God for Deb Berman who helped and took over most of the hosting for me.  At the end of the evening I couldn’t contain my grief and cried through half my last song.   Needless to say, I had a long night…  John, you may be gone but you will never be forgotten.  You will always be alive in my heart.  I promise to keep our open mic going as I‘ve promised.  I know you are in heaven, the Spotlight is on YOU! I love you my dear friend.  Farewell… 

6 Responses to To one of my dearest friend, John Koprowski… You are the Spotlight in Heaven

  1. Lynda Rodolitz

    Dear Natasha. I am so sorry for your loss. And thank you for sharing your moving story and your commitment to John and to music. I didn’t know your history together but your friendship was always evident. I send my love and condolences at this difficult time. May his memory be for a blessing. XXLynda

  2. What a lovely tribute, Natasha.

  3. We grieve with you today, Natasha. John was a truly good man, and we know how much you cared about him. May his soul rest in peace, and may your beautiful memories together bring you comfort. Our hearts are with you today, and with all who mourn his passing much too soon.

  4. Bob

    John so loved you and this so shows how much you loved him..If we didn’t already know.

    Bless you Natasha. John will always be just over your right shoulder. Listen. He is talking to you.


  5. Bennett Silverstein

    Natasha, darling. I feel awful about the news that we will never see John Koprowski again. I remember all the prayers we gave him at Spotlight on You. We truly believed he would be back. I had to take a hiatus from Spotlight on You while doing “A Wonderful Life” with the Narrows Community Theater. Now that the show is over, I look forward to joining you again. Naturally, it won’t be the same without John. But his spirit will always be there. And we will always be thinking about him when we sing, and Barry Levitt, too. We will miss them both very much.

  6. Joel Harrington

    So very sorry about your dear brotherly friend…

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