[10:45:18 PM] Natasha:

Remembering A Dear Friend…

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.   

Time has a way of slipping by unnoticed.  I looked at the calendar just now and realized that at this time last year, I was at the hospital with my dear friend Dana Lorge.  I never imagined that it was to be the last time I was able to spend time with her.   A year passed but Dana is one of those people that is impossible to forget.  I loved her as a friend, confidante and so much more…

Dana is a Diamond in this world…  She is unpretentious, generous of heart and refreshingly honest.   It takes a while for her to get to know someone but once she decided that she liked a person, she opened up all the way.  

It all started out with a common passion with fashion and bling’s.  We started with daily chats on the phone talking about things we liked and from there, we started shopping together.  In so many ways, Dana reminded me of my late mother.  They were both from a different time.  True performers and stars in their own right.  Over the short years that I’ve known Dana, I’ve learned so much from her stories and I’ve gotten so much insight from her.   

On this day last year, the night before her passing, I remembered how her eyes lit up like stars when I got there.   She was alone and I was happy that I chosen to go that night.   We chatted for a long time… I made her laugh showing her a funny sneak preview of my yet to be opened show “Feels Like Home”.  She said she will definitely try to get well enough to be at my opening night.  

It was getting late but I stayed because I could tell that she wanted me to stay.   I continued talking until she started dozing off from her treatments.    She apologized, saying that she wanted to stay awake but her eyes are closing…  She held my hand as I leaned over to give her a hug.  She gave me a kiss on my cheek and said in a choked uo voice “I love you Natasha”.   I felt my eyes teared up as I told her “I love you too Dana, sweet dreams!  I will come visit again tomorrow”.   I waited until she fell asleep before heading out.  I remembered it was about 10 PM.  That was the last I saw Dana.

In many ways, it felt like yesterday.  I know I will always remember her contagious laugh and miss her.  

Food for your thoughts to end your day… Be sure to live each day to your fullest.  If you love someone, let them know.  If you care about someone, be there for them.  Be vulnerable, take chances… whatever hurt you may suffer will be better than regreting over what could‘ve been.

Until next time, wishing you love… Good night!

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