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Post Birthday Thoughts…

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while… I can’t believe that I’ve celebrated yet another birthday!  A true blessing!

Now that I’ve had the chance to let things settle a bit, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude.  In the couple days leading up to my birthday, I’ve had a most memorable time out in the countryside in Pittsfield, Vermont, away from internet reception.  To make things better, on my way back on Tuesday, I cannot believe the hundreds of people who reached out to me and wished me Happy Birthday!   I was blown away! I feel truly blessed and loved!

One activity that I’ve made a tradition on my birthdays is taking a moment to sit down and reflect on everything that I’ve done since my last birthday and asking myself “Do you have any regrets?”  After asking that question, I would take notes of my life lessons and use it! 


I started the year using “Happiness” as my points of discussion and asking myself this question pertaining to regrets is consistent with what it takes to be happy for me.  

In my life, I’ve discovered that there is nothing worst than the feeling of regrets.   I have one theory with regards to the notion of heaven and hell.  I think that the most terrible form of hell as far as I am concern is reliving those moments where I could’ve, should’ve put that extra bit effort which I knew would’ve made a life changing difference but didn’t.  I’ve had more than enough regrets as it is…  How I wish I could go back and spend more time with my then dying grandmother, my mom…  reached out and given my little sister more attention after my mom’s death instead of allowing myself to wallow in my own feeling of loss…  The worst pain that one can endure is the pain within and not external.  That is a lesson I’ve learned.

So… here’s my answer to that question for 2015:  I am happy to say that I have given my best shot at living a life as to have NO REGRETS!  I’ve lived, loved, given, taken chances and done things as if there is no tomorrow!  I’m proud to say that I’ve done my best to evolve to a better form of myself and learned from my life lessons. 


One of my biggest challenges in life is learning to be a little “selfish”.  Through the years, I have always put the needs of those I loved ahead of my own needs.   I had always cut people slacks and a lot of times, I’ve ended up feeling empty inside… a BIG SOURCE OF REGRET!  I’m happy to report that as hard as it may be for me to do, in 2015, I’ve been getting better in the art of “self love” hehehe…  Like a mantra, I tell myself every day that Natasha deserves HAPPINESS!    

At this very moment, the moment that counts, I am happy!  I am grateful for all the small blessings I have in my life:  good health, roof over my head, job that pays my bills and enables me to help those I love, people I love who loves me back, wonderfully supportive and loving family and friends, my music, blue skies, air, water… so much so much more… There is definitely an Angel out there watching over me!



Wishing you all a glorious day of NO REGRETS!





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