[10:45:18 PM] Natasha:

Post Show Thoughts…Feeling Grateful…

Finally, after my long work day, I have the chance to reflect and digest the whirlwind that hit me last night!  

Last night was the closing show for “Feels Like Home”.  “Feels Like Home” is probably to me, the show that runs closest to my heart to date. Putting it together was an amazing journey with laughter and tears along the way.  I don’t want to write this on my Facebook wall, I felt the need to document  my thank you‘s here in my blog.  

First and foremost, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the show without my dream team… starting with my amazing director Lennie Watts and musical director Steven Ray Watkins.  Lennie is not only a director to me but also a mentor, teacher, coach, friend and so much more.   He helped me weed through my crazy music collection connecting the dots creating the show out of fragments of memories.  It was MAGICAL.   Similarly Steven weathered quite a few storms with me along the journey as I stumbled along the way.  They both believed in me and propelled me to be the best i can be.  They helped me create all the wondrous musical arrangements, the result being  “Feels Like Home”.   Thank you Lennie and Steven for your love and support!

Next, I want to thank Karen Mack and Wendy Russell.  They are not only my dear friends but they are super supportive of me throughout the show, generously giving me time in the midst of their own show with “Those Girls”.  They are amazingly talented and so much fun to work with.  I like to refer to them as my two angels on stage because they have angelic voices and their wonderful back up never failed to give me wings.  Thank you so much! 

Matt Scharfglass was a wonderful completion to my dream team!  He provided wonderful back up on his bass and a big THANK YOU to him for helping me tune my guitar before the shows!   Thank you!!

Sidney Myer, the booking manager of Dont Tell Mama is the reason why I keep going back there!   He is the sweetest and so supportive of me since day 1!  A big Thank you to Randy Cohen Lester for all the shout outs before the show and for making me feel at home at Mamas!  Thank you!!   

Ed, my sweetheart for being there at every show, helping me video, cheering me on every time and helping me gather all my things at the moments when my mind is all over the place!  Love you!

Finally, I want to thank all of you who were there for me last night in person, John Koprowski, Chris Tefft, Mercedes Herman (thank you for your heartfelt, wonderful personal reflection of the show!), Jill Ladegast, Gary Crawford (thank you for the new CD!), Ira Lee Collings and Owen (thank you for the beautiful roses), Linda, Robert Frey, John Todras (thank you for the keychain), Carly Ozard, Chris Oliva, Kara Masciangelo, Brady Galan, Raissa Katona Bennett, Bryon Sommers, Bob Diamond, Andrea Wolff, Luise Zielke and so many more who were there for me in spirit, sending me all the awesome beautiful energy! ~ Many of you have seen my show more than once even!  I thank you tremendously for your support!   Your warm, responsive presence in the audience meant the world to me, making it “Home” for me!   I loved the way you laughed, cried and responded throughout the show!  Thank you so much!  

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