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How to Achieve a State of Happiness Part VI… Be at the Moment

Hello!  Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s been a while since I’ve written and I blame the horrible bug I’ve caught that took me over a week to fight off!  I actually consider myself quite lucky because many people I know actually had it for much longer!  I’ve killed quite a share of trees considering the tissues I’ve gone through!

So I want to start by saying HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all who actually celebrates the holiday!   I hope all of you are on your way to achieving a state of happiness!  Have you been trying out some of my suggestions as an experiment?  I would love to hear about it if you had! 

Today, I want to talk about another piece of the puzzle that paints the picture of HAPPINESS for me! 

I know that for many of you, what I discuss in my blurbs are no-brainers but indulge me!  I like to talk about it from time to time as a little reminder to myself because life has a way of obscuring common sense.  

As I was commuting to work today, I find myself doing one of my favorite activity, people watching.  As I stood by the subway door, I looked around at the people observing what they are doing.  There are people reading, sleeping, listening to music and there are those who just sat or stood there, plainly lost in their thoughts somewhere else.  Looking at those people made me realize how so many people habitually take moments for granted.   How many of you can honestly say that you are “present” in each and every moment of your day?   I certainly cant attest to that even though I try to be!  

It is the easiest thing to get lost in one’s head space, thinking of something from the past, troubles, the future… just to name a few.  Well, while you are doing that, guess what you are NOT doing?   You are not being at the “MOMENT”.   What does it mean to “BE AT THE MOMENT”?   There are multiple ways of looking at it but to me “BEING AT THE MOMENT” is congruous to doing what I would be doing at this moment if someone was to tell me that I may died in next very moment!  Think about THAT and I bet you will see this present moment in a totally different light! 

I try to live my life in a way that is consistent with living each and every moment as if it is my last.  It is the reason why

  • I never let a chance go by without telling people who I love that I love them;

  • Whenever I have a thought, I verbalize it;

  • I decided never to be untrue to my feelings and to never repress how I feel;

  • I listen to and sympathize with people around me; 

  • When I have a dream, I take steps, even if they are baby steps, I take them anyway, towards my dream each and every day;

  • I love without fear of consequences;

  • I give without thought of getting anything back;

  • I set my passions free consciously because I can;

  • I try to help those in need;

  • Instead of allowing worries, troubles and other negative thoughts cloud my mind, I take actions to snap out of it.  A lot of times, it means doing things that I don’t feel up to doing at the moment.  However, when I actually do it, I am always glad I’ve made the choice to do it;

  • I look beyond the surface of each and every individual around me.  Each and every one of us is unique, one of a kind, just like our fingerprints.   When I tell someone “I love you”, what I mean is I love the “soul” that is uniquely THE PERSON and nobody else;

  • I make compromises for those who I care deeply about because it is important for me to know that I have always “tried” my best;

  • Embrace each and every little piece of what brings me happiness.  Acknowledge these things, “water” them like plants so they can grow into bigger pieces and bring me MORE happiness; 

  • I learn as much as I can because the world is full of knowledge and wisdom for me to acquire.

These are just some of what it means to be living at the moment to me.

When people I care about chooses to let their worries and troubles cloud up their thoughts and take them away from making each and every moment count in the very short time we have to live in this world, it saddens me because they are wasting away their chance of being happy.   

For the year of the FIRE MONKEY, I invite you to embrace each and every moment you have and live it as if it would be your last!  Tell that person that you care so deeply about, how you feel.  Think of the happiness and light you will be bringing to their lives by simple words.  Love this moment!  Make it count!  I would love for you to share your stories!

Until next time!  Wishing you love and happiness!




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